Name:Dual light 7 inch HD ball
Product Features
Description Parameter
 Movement function:
 h.265 8 million pixel CMOS module
 36x HD automatic optical zoom lens
 support a variety of video formats, and the main code stream is 3840x2160; The secondary code stream 1280x720 supports 800 pixels (15-20fps) at most
 it has wide dynamic and low illumination functions, and supports automatic color to black
 adopt 32-bit processor and professional video codec chip with megapixel processing capacity
 H 265/264Main Profile@Level3.0 Video compression format
 support dual code stream setting, and can use dual code streams for simultaneous monitoring
Network function
 built in web server, fully supporting IE browser monitoring, configuration and management
Support TCP / IP, DHCP, HTTP, UDP, UPnP, FTP, RTSP, RTP and other network protocols
Support DDNS and UPnP, and realize automatic port mapping on the router;
 dynamic code rate control to ensure real-time audio and video transmission on the Internet
The ball machine protocol supports PELCO-D protocol / transparent protocol
Support motion detection
 support image capture
 support onvif protocol
system function
 DC12V / 4A DC power supply, optional (ieee802.3at Poe plus 50 ~ 57V DC 30W)
Integrated design, compact structure and high reliability
 precision stepper motor drive, stable operation and accurate positioning
The EEPROM data storage mode is adopted, and the stored data will not be lost after power failure
 support the setting and calling of 256 preset bits
 support left and right scanning, speed can be set
 support 360 º automatic scanning
 support the guard position function
 conductive slip ring design is adopted, with horizontal 360 ° unlimited rotation and no monitoring blind area
 support the pan tilt automatic turning function (180 ° automatic turning continuous monitoring in the vertical direction)
Support focal length proportional control function (PTZ rotation speed is automatically adjusted according to lens zoom value)
 infrared distance of 40m ~ 80m, 8 array lamps PMW spectroscopic technology
 wireless WiFi / 4G optional:
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