Name:4G low power camera
Product Features
Description Parameter

 Main performance:

① Aluminum alloy shell ensures the heat dissipation of the whole product and makes the CPU run efficiently

② Mobile phone remote: image capture, remote video playback, intercom between mobile phone and camera

③ Support multiple platforms: IOS / Android / PC

④ Support mobile phone push alarm: the mobile phone can receive alarm information

⑤ Support pan tilt rotation and lens zoom: horizontal rotation 0-355 degrees, vertical rotation 0-92 degrees

⑥ Support PTZ automatic cruise

⑦ Mobile detection: alarm information can be sent to mobile phone or email

⑧ Infrared distance: four high-power Taiwan wafer infrared lamps, two white lamps and four infrared lamps. The infrared distance can reach 10m and the white light distance can reach 5m.

⑨ Sealed and IP66, can be installed outdoors, not afraid of rain

⑩ Support all Netcom 4G

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