Ten years of sharpening a sword, frost blade has not been tried!

             Zhonghui has been developing for 20 years (2002-2022). Although the security (IOT) industry is broad, the product homogeneity is serious, and there are many small and medium-sized security enterprises. Zhonghui will face more arduous market challenges in the future. We firmly believe that: focusing on and specializing in intelligent AI cameras and consumer security, R & D bottom customization drive, stable quality and micro service, and good cost performance will make us more firmly and steadily stand in the big security business in the future!
             Zhonghui technology will be full of passion, work hard, constantly surpass itself, innovate and perfect its products and services. In management, service and other aspects, we pursue excellence and perfection. And to have their own core technology, high-tech and innovative spirit as the eternal pursuit. Lead Chinese products into the world‘s first-class market, comparable to European and American products and equal to Japanese and Korean products, completely change the low-end image of Chinese products and win the respect and praise of people all over the world.
           In the future, Zhonghui will continue to optimize its internal organizational structure, carry out joint-stock reform and internal and external equity incentives. Increase R & D investment and lead the progress of subdivided industries with product innovation. We also welcome companies with high-quality resources to cooperate with e-commerce friends at home and abroad to form a strong alliance; We will be the most effective and cohesive team, with a strong sense of gratitude and social responsibility to create a safe and harmonious life.
         Recalling the life and death and national salvation of the Chinese nation in recent 100 years, I have boundless emotion; The Centennial rejuvenation from 1949 to 2049 is so exciting. Each of us in security will continue the spirit of daring to explore and face difficulties, adding bricks and tiles to the rise of China and strive to climb!

      The light of national rejuvenation of china  will shine all over the world!
                                                                     STEVEN XU