Name:H.265 IPC
Category:H.265 ip camera
Product Features
Description Parameter
 Characteristic description:
2 megapixel 1/3 CMOS sensor, color 0.01LUX, black and white 0.01LUX
◆ Can output 2 million 25 frames, 2 million 1920X1080P real-time 25 frame images
◆ Advanced H.265 High Profile encoding format, ultra-low bitstream and high compression ratio, smooth and clear real-time image transmission, 2-megapixel network camera with a minimum of 2-2.5M bitstream, 960P only requires 1.2-1.5M bitstream
◆ Support voice intercom one-way voice broadcasting
◆ Support backlight compensation, automatic electronic shutter function, automatic aperture, slow shutter, corridor mode, suitable for different monitoring environments
◆ Fully functional: heartbeat, mirroring, PTZ control, alarm, one click recovery
◆ Support for front-end SD card video storage (optional function)
◆ Photosensitive and digital switching circuit to solve the critical point flicker phenomenon of infrared lamps when the light is unstable
◆ Efficient 42MIU infrared light with long service life and automatic switching of ICR infrared filters
◆ Taiwan‘s original constant current chip T6322A, with a wide voltage input of 6-30V and a maximum constant current of 1.5A, with high-temperature trip temperature protection
Unique "cloud monitoring" P2P technology, enabling remote monitoring with just one click, eliminating tedious remote monitoring settings. Supports real-time monitoring of various system phones
◆ Powerful compatibility, built-in international standard ONVIF protocol and general protocols such as GB/T28181, easy to connect with various NVRs. Complies with Zhonghui Enterprise Standard Q/DVS 2002-2013
◆ Easy operation, achieving unified client and DVS-CMS3000 platform software management with devices such as IPC and NVR.
◆ Fully functional: such as motion detection, heartbeat, mirroring, watermarks, occlusion alarm, etc.
Application Scenario
Suitable for places requiring ultra high definition image quality such as finance, telecommunications, government, schools, airports, factories, hotels, museums, traffic monitoring, etc
图象传感器 1/3 200万像素                        1/3 200万像素超星光 CMOS
视频处理 H.265、H.264视频编码,支持双码流,AVI格式;支持码流500k~8M bps可调,支持P制和N制;
分辨率 主码流:1920X1080,),1600×1200,1280×1024,1280 主码流:1920X1080,),1600×1200,1280×1024,1280
×960,1024×768,1280×720;子码流:320×240@25F, ×960,1024×768,1280×720;子码流:320×240@25F,
352×192,320×192,288×192,256×192; 352×192,320×192,288×192,256×192;
照度 星光彩色0.02LUX,黑白0.01LUX
镜头/补光 标配4MM(8mm,16mm 可选),高清CS固定镜头
系统结构 嵌入式RTOS设计,双核32位DSP,纯硬压缩,看门狗,32M FLASH,128M DDR2;
视频处理 H.264视频编码,支持双码流,AVI格式;支持码流2M~6Mpbs可调;支持帧率1~30帧/秒可调;
音频处理 AAC编解码标准,支持双向语音对讲功能,支持音视频同步;此功能可选
网络接口 1个RJ45 10/100M自适应以太网接口
外设接口 支持TF卡存储、WIFI 可选
红外灯数 2个高效阵列灯/4高效阵列灯
红外距离 40-50M
GBT28181 支持/通过公安部型式检测
摄像机企业标准 符合中晖企业标准Q/DVS2002-2013
防雷接口 电源、网络全面防雷,前端电源输入防雷击、防静电、防反接,并支持18V关断的电压保护;
前端存储 1个USB接口,支持最大64G的U盘连接,支持前端存储
业务功能 移动侦测触警/存储联动,OSD,统一客户端远程监控软件(DVS-CENTER)等应用功能
电源电压 DC12V/1.5A
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