Shenzhen  dvsone  technology   co .,ltd . is one of the leading CCTV security surveillance camera manufacturers with over 19 years‘ experience. since its foundation in 2002, Shenzhen  dvsone has been braving to innovate and striving for excellence in quality and intelligent video products and solutions. company has over 20 software copyrights, utility model patents, and more The company has obtained ISO9001  certification.

         Shenzhen  dvsone  now has more than 60 workers, over 20 of which are R & D engineers and international technical support and own 3000  square meters plant. The company usually invests 10% of annual sales revenue to research and development for product innovation and patented case. Shenzhen  dvsone mainly provides clients with OEM and ODM Services, such as OEM logo, box, language and customized GUL, API and SDK to enhance customer competitiveness. At present, it has provided a series of products to many listed security companies

        Shenzhen  dvsone  factory has  8 assembly line, completed process and high-quality control, which contain IQCPQC, aging, QC, QA testing, waterproof testing, long-distance testing, color temperature testing .Shenzhen  dvsone has completed products lines, 4G gun  camera,4G ptz camera , HD IP Camera, autofocus camera, starlight camera PTZ camera, thermal camera DVR NVR Wireless camera Wireless kits and etc.

        Shenzhen  dvsone has completed products lines, HD Analog AHD/CVI/TVI camera, HD IP Camera,4G Camera  autofocus Zoom camera, full-color starlight camera, PTZ camera, thermal camera, temperature measuring terminal, DVR, NVR, Wireless camera, Wireless kits and etc. providing controlling solutions, which has been widely applied to industries such as smart city, factory, office, bank,transportation, school, commercial chain and park etc.


       Dvsone company adheres to the corporate mission of making society more secure more intelligent, and practices the core values of "dedication, integrity, innovation, and excellence". After these years of continuous efforts, Shenzhen  dvsone will continue to innovate in smart security products, quality control, and strive to build a better world.